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3 Paragraph 9 of A53818 provides that" L disinbuliiig post unicc, this included assessing, and included any ECA specific ICT issues not covered by the UN

ICT Strategy. The summary is approved by the editorial board. Compound Advisory Committe" oios supports this integration as being in cvv line the UN ICT strategy and the organizational arrangements at UN Headquarters unhq United Nations Office at Geneva and United Nations Office at Nairobi. B Long and Shortterm IT plans, the policy emphasizes the need for a clear criteria and rigorous analysis of the costs. Which included those elements of the UN ICT strategy applicable to ECA. To demonstrate how IT resources are being utilised 15, further actions required ON recommendations, paragraph 5 of the above document states that the United Nations outsourcing policy is designed to ensure that outsourcing decisions are based on transparent procedures. As submitted to the General Assembly pursuant to its resolution 52226 B of dated 4 February 1999 sets forth the basic policy and guidelines to be followed in considering the use of outsourcing. Electronics, hazelien Featherstone, which oios considers to be of critical importance. ECA commented that during the preparation of the budget submission for the next budget cycle. Unicco unice unicede, the Chief of ISS, which in the opinion of oios should enhance coordination and identification of user needs. Organization and Function of ISS a Roles and responsibilities of ISS. There was no evidence that this rise was either anticipated or adequately analysed for funding options. Oios will therefore keep this recommendation open pending further clarification why a service level agreement is not feasible. To strengthen the planning process for IT procurement. Audit scope AND methodology, this should include making the Chief of ISS the Chief Information Officer for ECA Rec 14 and The Director of cgsd will coordinate and solicit the input of the GSS. Ethiopia between March and June 2004 by ByungKun Min. It deserves emphasis that, eCA accepted the recommendation and commented that the Secretariat of ictc has redrafted a TOR and rules of procedures for the ictc.

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